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The most important purpose of painting is to give our house a long life and adding colors to it is to give our house a beauty makeover. The olden days have gone when everything started with black and white now people have to find colors to make their life colorful so they have started making everything colorful starts from bricks to buildings, socks to hairpins, bicycles to ships all are colorful now. And if you say why our house needs painting it’s not only because people want to add colors to their house walls but to protect their house from all stain and dirt and give their house a long life however walls have a way of finding some stain. No matter how careful we are, there is no way to avoid our beautiful walls from getting dirty. But gone are the days of living in the fear of kids making the house a playground or guests spoiling the walls.

Whenever we are making our house or buying flats we all wanted this house to stay for a long time, as we grow and get old day by day houses are same to grow day by day and getting old in the time being, to give our houses a long life we have several options in that painting is the most protectable way to save our house wall and give a long life along with beauty makeover.


There are lot many paint quality which can be used to protect our house for a long time from stains, mud, sun-lite, rain, dirt, etc. from basic paint to high-quality paint which can give our house 20 to 30 years of extra life and amazing look for exterior and interior as well.

Our house says a lot about ourselves mostly colors, only by seeing your front door can say about ourselves.


A red front door means you’re not afraid to say what you think. A blue door says you’re naturally at ease in most situations. Green broadcasts your traditional values, and black means you’re probably consistent and reserved. Inside the home, extroverts tend to choose open, spacious furniture layouts. If you’re introverted, you probably decorate with soft, solid colors and muted patterns.

Whether your home is Eco-friendly, has candy-pink walls, is filled with boho trinkets or antique furniture, every little detail can reveal a lot about the person who lives there, the same way your house’s exterior also say about you a lot without expressing anything to viewers so choosing the best quality and color combination is most important for both inside and outside.

Home exterior designs are a crucial part of your home’s curb appeal. They’re the first thing anyone sees about your home, and they play a big role in how your home is perceived. So why settle for a standard, plain, or boring home exterior design, knowing how important it is to your house as a whole?

When it comes to sheer square footage, a home’s siding takes up a lot of visual real estate and is usually the most difficult (and most expensive) area to paint. Consequently, you should decide on a paint color for your siding first and then match your trim and accents to it. To start your color selection, realize your home actually isn’t a blank canvas. You have a lot of fixed elements to consider when establishing your color palette.


Just because a house is small in size doesn’t mean that it can’t be big in style, too. The light colors and bold trim of this cottage house make it appear to be larger than it really is, while the sunroom addition gets a bold treatment in matching soffits and window trim. Once upon a time, nearly all homes were painted to show off their architectural features to their best effect. If you have an older or Victorian-style home, why not show it off and bring that “Painted Lady” back to life? While the porch may offer some continuity around the front of this home, it’s the contrast in siding on the upper story side of the house that really brings it to life. The vertical paneling around the windows alongside the chimney helps draw the eye up above the porch, adding dimension at the same time.

When you’ve created a unique home to meet your particular needs, don’t cover it in everyday siding. Instead, use an irregular shingle to contrast the lines and size of the home and give it a lot of dimensions and added interest at the same time. Older homes that are made up of many different, smaller buildings put together have unique style needs. In this case, the problem is easily solved by using a combination of shingles and board-and-batten style siding. The siding is matched by shingled and metal standing seam roofs, which helps to further emphasize the different shapes. When you have viewed this amazing, you need to make sure you match them. This multi-level home is built into the side of the hill and needs to look as though it belongs there. The mixtures of cedar-look planks and architectural panels emphasize its clean lines, drawing attention to its height.

Who says that your home exterior design needs to feature just one type of material, let alone one type of siding? This home makes great use of brick, fiber cement lap siding, and fiber cement shingles to create a look that has depth, interest, and a style all its own. If you have a home in a rural or vacation setting, make sure it matches its surroundings like this chateau-style home. The cedar-look planks and shingles in a rich brown stain keep this façade simple, letting the detailed woodwork come shining through.

If you have a home in a rural or vacation setting, make sure it matches its surroundings like this chateau-style home. The cedar-look planks and shingles in a rich brown stain keep this façade simple, letting the detailed woodwork come shining through, There’s something about a white picket fence that makes a property feel wholesome and complete. This home uses Snow white siding and trim to match that fence, right up to the ceiling of its two porches for a polished, cohesive design. Just because your townhouse is linked to others on either side, doesn’t mean that it can’t have its own personality and its own look. These three homes have vastly different appearances despite being built together. Horizontal lap siding, board-and-batten, and irregular shingles all in different colors help to set these homes apart.

Mixing and matching materials is always a fantastic way to add depth, texture, and dimension to any home exterior design. This home features a fieldstone that wraps around the bottom of the home, then covers the side while extending up the chimney. Horizontal lap siding with color matched trim adds the perfect amount of contrast both in color and in texture to set this home off beautifully. The exterior of your home sets the stage for how it’s perceived and the initial impression that people will make of it. Take these designs into consideration as you plan your home’s exterior to find the perfect look for your house.

Let your house says half of you, about your personality about yourself.

Let’s paint a beautiful home, let’s leave a colorful life. – colourwalls 

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