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You should know before painting

Painting service the moment its comes to mind we are thinking about painting service about your house, flats or bungalow and that’s going on and people are rushing towards painting their house that’s abboulsy a good move to paint your house’s old wall and give a beauty makeover it’s time for a beauty makeover for your house but before make a move just study a little bit about painting.

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So let’s tell you about painting – The history of painting is a never-ending chain that began with the very first pictures ever made. Each style grows out of the styles that came before it. Every great artist adds to the accomplishments of earlier painters and influences later painters and with that influence painters become started their service and started earnings by painting house walls, offices, industries and now painting becoming more artistics people started liking artist painting, classic painting rather then normal painting for the walls even.

Now the people liking artistic painting companies like us came up with lot many designs as Texture painting, Stencil paintings, Free Hand painting, Arts, and the most popular Do It Yourself(DIY), for those all designs you want to go for beforehand you have to prepare you house wall where this designs will get a perfect look.

There are couples of wall preparation that can give you clearity.



New Surface Preparation:

  • If you want to paint a newly plastered wall, allow it to cure completely. As manufacturer recommend to allow 28 days as curing time for new masonry. However, allow moisture to dry completely 3 to 6 month period desired depending upon local climate where there is a high humidity.
  • Remove the loose particles, dust, dirt, grease, wax, mortar dropping, etc. with the help of wire brush or putty knife.
  • Wiped off the whole surface with the help of the dry cloth.
New Surface preparation
old surface preparation

Old Surface Preparation:

  • Remove the loose particles, dust, dirt, grease, wax, mortar dropping, and growth of fungus, algae, dampness, etc. with the help of wire brush or putty knife.
  • Rubbed the old surface thoroughly with n. Wash the whole surface and leave for drying.
  • Fill the holes and cracks (up to 3 mm) with the putty or gypsum and leave for hardening.

Sand the wall with the sandpaper to make a smooth surface and wipe off the dust with the dry cloth.